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Reading Comprehension: Through World to Paragraph Analysis August 20, 2009

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Bahrani. 2009. Reading Comprehension: Through World to Paragraph Analysis. Yogyakarta: Safiria Insania Press.

Reading is one of the most important skills in learning a language besides listening, speaking and writing. The fundamental goal of any reading activity is to know enough scientific concepts and knowing the language. In Indonesia, students treat this as a bridge to understand scientific books
written in English. As they lack knowledge of English, they often encounter difficulties when reading their compulsory books written in that language.

In making contact with the text we choose to read, purpose and motivation are the first items to be made up. Without purpose and motivation, what we do may not be led well. Motivation is commonly thought of as an inner drive, impulse, emotion, or desire that moves on to particular action (Stanley, 2005). Therefore, a student who does not read because of lack of motivation does not get the practice he needs in
reading skills, while the practice is a necessary part of skill


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